We offer a wide range of product lines to support our customers needs. We distribute Automation Controls, Components, PLC’s, operator terminals, Photoelectric Sensors, fiber optic, proximity sensors, modular sensors, timers, counters, Limit-switch style sensors, AC drives and safety light curtains.



Sensors, Logic Controls, Touch Panels, & Instrumentation

  • Banner – photoelectric, laser, radar and ultrasonic sensors, logic controls, wireless sensors, LED lighting, indication, signaling devices and I/O
  • Banner – vision, barcode and measurement sensors
  • Turck – proximity and capacitive sensors, level controls, cordsets, intrinsically safe barriers, flow monitors, pressure monitors, linear transducers, encoders, RFID systems
  • Red Lion Controls – HMI panels with web server and data collection, counters, rate indicators, controllers, digital panel meters, PLC peripherals, signal conditioners, process controllers
  • Patlite – signal towers, rotating lights, signal horns and alarms
  • Puls – Din rail mounted DC power supplies, single phase and 3 phase, DC UPS
  • Shimpo American – hand-held digital tachometers, panel mount tachometers
  • ATC/ Diversified Electronics – motor protection controls, time delay relays, voltage and current monitors
  • Proface/Xycom – graphic operator interface devices, HMI panels and Industrial PC’s

Machine Safety Products

  • Banner – light curtains, safety and emergency stop relays, anti-tiedown systems, safety switches
  • Fortress Interlocks – safety interlock trapped key systems, modular pushbuttons and interlocks
  • Larco – safety mats and controls
  • Euchner – safety interlock switches, safety relays, enabling switches, evaluation modules, MGB products, non-contact magnetic coding, RFID coding technologies and rope pull switches.

Electric Motor Drives & Controls

  • Danfoss – AC voltage vector drives up to 1000 HP with bus compatibility, solid state starters
  • Fuji Electric – AC constant and variable torque drives and Monitouch HMIs
  • Contrex/ Fenner – digital controls for precise speed regulation of variable speed drives, single axis servo systems, trim, cut, shuttle, rotary, traverse controls, reflex power controls
  • Graham Transmission – DC drives and cycling controls through 5 HP

Electric Motors, Controls & Accessories

  • WEG -Electric Motors, Power Transformers, Frequency Drives and Controls
  • General Electric – general purpose control transformers
  • Eaton (Copper Logic/ Moeller) – a comprehensive line of distribution, general purpose and automation controls
  • Mersen/ Ferraz Shawmut – fuses, fuse blocks
  • Hoffman Engineering – complete line of NEMA and JIC enclosures and climate control products
  • Dynapar/Lakeshore/Northstar – mill duty digital tachometers, pulse generators and encoders
  • Haewa – electrical and electronic enclosures, modular cabinets, consoles, climate control products, punching tools and accessories
  • Rees – heavy duty pushbutton operators and controls
  • Meltric – switch rated industrial plugs and receptacles
  • Wago – CAGE CLAMP® terminal blocks, connectors and electronic modules
  • Roxtec – cable entry systems

Bus Level & Networking Products

  • Turck – PLCs, network I/O and connectivity products for automation and process control
  • Wago – PLCs, open bus connectivity I/O products and Ethernet / IP
  • N-Tron – highly reliable industrial network products for industrial Ethernet communications
  • Sixnet by Red Lion – industrial connectivity and industrial wireless

Mechanical Drives & Components

  • Grove Gear – right angle and helical gear reducers
  • Shimpo Drives – ring cone variable speed drives, circulute gearless planetary speed reducers
  • Magne Corp. – magnetic particle brakes, clutches and controls
  • Stober Drives – helical, helical bevel, helical worm and planetary speed reducers