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ACURO™ Absolute Rotary Encoders

  • A125™ DeviceNet Interface Absolute Encoder
  • A125™ Profibus Absolute Encoder
  • A125™ Interbus Absolute Encoder

General Purpose Incremental Encoders

  • E12™ Commercial-Light Duty Incremental Encoders
  • E14™ Commercial-Light Duty Incremental Encoders
  • EC23™ Commercial-Light Duty Compact Encoders
  • H20™ Industrial Duty Encoders
  • X25™ Industrial Duty Explosion-Proof Encoders

 Motor Mount Incremental Encoders

  • E9™ Commercial-Light Duty Miniature Incremental Encoders
  • HS20™ Industrial Duty Sealed Hollowshaft Encoders
  • M15™ Modular Encoders for Servo/Commutation Motors


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