BANNER Q4X- Versatile, Rugged Laser Distance Sensor

Turck Temperature Transmitter

Gantry Cranes at Nucor are a critical part of steel production and crane downtime means process downtime. One of the failure modes is catastrophic bearing failure on the main transverse wheels. As a predictive maintenance measure, the mobile maintenance team decided to monitor temperature on each of the bearings. The theory is that an upward […]

Wireless I/O Application

On high-speed rotary bottle filler machines, typically the I/O from the upper section is passed through a slip ring. Slip rings have proven to be problematic over time due to the harsh wash down environment. Slip rings are also very limited in the number of analog signals that can be transmitted. On one machine a […]

Banner Wireless Application

At Boeing-Charleston, a dense fog forms outside in the driveway behind the building when Nitrogen is released from the manufacturing process. The fog causes dangerous driving conditions because there is two-way traffic and also bollards along the edge of the drive to protect the tanks from accidental damage. A project was initiated to improve the […]