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B.W. Clark is located in the historic Congaree Vista area of downtown Columbia, South Carolina. We feel that being located in the center of the state allows us to quickly respond to any need a customer might have . Our account Managers are stationed all across the state to ensure no region of South Carolina is left uncovered. With decades of experience within our company, B.W. Clark is poised to render unmatched service and support. B.W. Clark Inc. presently employs a staff of 14 and We are ready and willing to support your industrial automation needs.

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Company History

B.W. Clark’s origins date back to February of 1968, under the name of J.W. Vaughan Co., Inc. of Columbia.  The original three stockholders of the company were W.M. Clark, H.B. Tomlin, Jr., and O.N. Eastland.  Mr. Tomlin and Mr. Eastland were equal partners in J.W. Vaughan Co., of Greenville SC, an industrial distributor which had served the Piedmont area of South Carolina since the 1920’s.  The Columbia business was developed to meet the growing industrial needs of the midlands and coastal areas of South Carolina. Industrial development from the early 1960’s indicated an expanding statewide market for the company’s lines.

Mr. Clark was President of the new company, and managed the business with an initial staff of four full-time employees.  The company grew steadily over the next few years and in 1982 began promoting new lines including electronic counters and controls and solid-state switching devices.  The introduction of new lines continued into 1983 as the company increased business in high tech lines.

In November of 1989, a fire caused extensive damage to the building adjoining the corporate office.  The stockholders purchased the adjoining building in order to provide expansion of office and warehouse space as needed. The addition of this building gave the company a total of 17,120 square feet of office and warehouse space.

The company continued to grow and expand as it added additional products that served the automated industrial manufacturing market. In 2000 the company was purchased by Barry W. Clark who became its President. The following year the name of the Corporation was changed to B.W. Clark Inc.



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