Turck Temperature Transmitter

Gantry Cranes at Nucor are a critical part of steel production and crane downtime means process downtime. One of the failure modes is catastrophic bearing failure on the main transverse wheels. As a predictive maintenance measure, the mobile maintenance team decided to monitor temperature on each of the bearings. The theory is that an upward trend in bearing temperature can be used to predict a failure so that the bearing can be changed prior to failure, and related downtime.

The goal was to install temperature transmitters to monitor the temperature of the outer bearing race and also maintain the ability to quickly grease the bearings, all without adding any holes to the housing. The Turck TTM series temperature transmitter was installed into a tee fitting via a compression fitting. This allowed the probe tip to be inserted to the proper depth (against the outer bearing race) and then locked into position. A standard grease fitting was placed into the adjacent port in the tee to allow grease to be injected around the probe and into the bearing housing. A nipple was then used to mate the tee with the existing grease fitting hole in the housing. The transmitters produce a 4-20mA signal that is pre-scaled over a 0-100C range. The quick disconnect cordsets provided for a quick and easy means to get the signals back to the main PLC and also a quick and easy way to change a transmitter in the event of a failure or physical damage to the transmitter. The transmitters were installed in each of 32 bearings on the crane.


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