Banner Wireless Application

At Boeing-Charleston, a dense fog forms outside in the driveway behind the building when Nitrogen is released from the manufacturing process. The fog causes dangerous driving conditions because there is two-way traffic and also bollards along the edge of the drive to protect the tanks from accidental damage. A project was initiated to improve the safety of the area during Nitrogen release/dense fog. Caution signs were constructed and placed at the entrance to the area, from both sides. A Banner daylight visible EZ light was installed on each sign to flash during Nitrogen release. A Banner wireless gateway was installed at the PLC that controls the process. On each sign, a solar powered Banner wireless node, solar panel, and battery pack was installed. When Nitrogen is released, a signal is sent to each of the nodes on the signs wirelessly via the gateway that is installed in the PLC cabinet. The node flashes the lights at a preset frequency. Both the wireless node and the light are powered from the battery pack that is charged by the solar panel. The lights flash for the duration of Nitrogen release and for a period of time after while the fog dissipates. Banner EZ lights were also installed on each of the 17 bollards to increase visibility during periods of dense fog. The project was engineered by BW Clark and installed by a local integrator. It was a tremendous success.


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